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Project Description
XNA Shader 3D Game Engine, it includes physics, Artificial Intelegence, Particle System. Bone Animation Blending, C# Scripting, Billboards, Compressed Content Directory or Virtual File System for Content.

The project is in an advanced state and require more work to complete.

  • Scene Rendering - Oct Tree for External, Shader Tree, Object List, (Extendable Architecture)
  • Shader Based Rendering
  • Water (NVidea Water Shader)
  • Terrain, Multi Texture Blending Quad based on Height of Terrain (Still need some work though)
  • Static Objects, 2D Objects, Animated Objects, Animation Blending, Bone or Key Frame Animation
  • Cameras, First Person, Third Person, Arc-Ball, Chase Camera with Spring Physics
  • Physics - Drag, Surface Friction, Air Friction, Applied Forces, Traction, Velocity and Gravity
  • Light Management System
  • Resource management including a Virtual File System
  • GUI, with Multiple forms, Widgets and Input system for Overlays and dialogs
  • Font Management System
  • Batch Rendering of Text to minimize state change on device
  • Input management system that Maps Keyboard to Named Input values (Could be scripted as well)
  • C# Script Engine
  • Quest Management System - Scripted in C#
  • Scripting integrated

.... and more....

We require developers to help finish the engine, should you feel up to the task, drop me a mail with a description of your experience and where you can help, following is the areas that need completion:
  • Engine:
    • Artificial Intelegence (80% Complete)
    • Shadows

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